Colors of Zhar Series: Part 4 of 6 – Makeup Tips for your Face Shape – Heart

The heart-shaped face is by far the most beautiful of all the face shapes. Even though it lacks the

symmetry that most people believe should be a character of a beautiful face; because of it has a large

forehead, prominent cheekbones and tapered chin. A little asymmetry can be more beautiful than being

too perfect when it comes to the geometry of face shapes.


best makeup for heart face shape by Colors of Zhar


If you ask me, I’d rather have that type of face shape, because when I do hair and makeup, most of the

time I try my best to make my cheekbones prominent and my jaw and chin to be more structured. If you

haven’t noticed it yet, a lot of hair and makeup artists are trying to achieve an illusion of a heart shaped

face for their clients or models. Why shouldn’t they when the world’s most beautiful celebrities have

this face shape like Reese Whitherspoon, Scarlett Johanson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Aniston,

to name a few.



The heart-shaped face is probably the easiest face shape to put on makeup because all you have to do is

to accentuate the best features of this beautiful bone structure. There are a lot of hair and makeup tips

for the heart-shaped face, but for today’s article, let us focus on the makeup.



Most women with heart shape face have a wide forehead. Contouring the forehead by using a

foundation that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone is the best way to go. Blend them well on the

top of your forehead and temples to create an illusion of a smaller or narrow forehead.



To put more focus on the center of your face which contains your eyes and your cheeks. Putting on a

subtle smokey-eyes makeup using softer brown shades than the usual coal or black will draw more

attention to your eyes than your forehead or chin. If you’re going for this smokey eye shadow, use a

light pink or coral shade blush for your cheeks and focus more on highlighting your cheekbones.



For other face shapes, what we usually do is that we contour it; as for the heart-shaped face we do the

opposite by putting a touch of concealer to the chin and sides of the jawline. This will give the bottom

half of the face broader effect thus creating a balance to the face a little more. Just remember to not go

overboard when putting on makeup if you have a heart-shaped face, on its own it’s already a beautiful



best makeup for heart face shape by Colors of Zhar


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