Colors of Zhar Series: Part 3 of 6 – Makeup Tips for your Face Shape – Square

For many women, having a square- shaped face is a problem; I know lots of people or even have friends with this face shape who will out rightly tell you that they don’t like their facial bone structure. Which is a sad fact because having a squarish face with a strong jaw line actually gives an aura of regality and poise to one’s neckline .There is also a symmetry from both sides of the forehead to the cheeks and then down to the jaw which creates a perfect canvas that will give hair and make up artists the ability to highlight your best features.


Colors of Zhar Tips
That’s what I love about make up is that so versatile in transforming anyone’s face and at the same time highlighting a person’s best facial features. Gone are the days when makeup was used only to hide imperfections. It has slowly gained a reputation as a tool to enhance and transform rather than to cover up. For this article, we will focus on beauty tips about how to use make up that will best suit a square-shaped facial bone structure and to emphasize its best feature. Let’s leave the hairstyling part for future posts.
Let’s start with the forehead. Do you know that a square-shaped face needs to highlight the forehead using a very sheen highlighter or a powder foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone? This actually allows the shape of your forehead to fade a little bit and can make a huge impact.
As for the eyes, go bold on colors or use dark shades to draw more attention to the center of your face. I love it how eyeshadows play a big role in any type of face shape and they are your major weapons to combat any of your face shape dilemmas. So never hesitate to play on colors for your peepers.
For the cheeks, use very natural colors close to your skin tone; there are a lot of sites out there that can help you choose blush shades that will flatter yours. Blend them well and keep them on only on the apples of your cheeks and just a swipe across beneath your cheekbones. Meaning keep them low and don’t do it like you would normally do: brushing from the apples to the temples.
Lastly, look for lip colors that has a plumping effect to make your lips stand out just as your eyes are. But never wear both a strong eyeshadow color with a strong lip color. Choose which one you would highlight for the day. If you picked the eyes, go for a more nude lip color, but, don’t forget the plumping effect (which you can purchase separately or look for lip gloss with plumping properties); when you do this, think about Hollywood celebrities like Salma Hayek and Paris Hilton.
Like all the other face shapes, the key is always accepting and loving what God has given you and find ways, using hair and make up, on how you can highlight on your best features. Until next time loves, don’t forget to visit regularly for more hair and makeup tips.
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