Colors of Zhar Series: Part 2 of 6 – Makeup Tips for your Face Shape – Long

If there’s anything I would want to change in my body, I would probably want to change my face shape from oval to long or oblong. They say a long face especially with a high forehead was considered to be a mark of true royalty – just like the face shape and features of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Rumor has it that Marilyn Monroe plucked her hairline for her to  have that aristocratic look.


I know some friends that takes good photos and looks slim even if they aren’t that good-figured just because they have longer faces with high foreheads and longer chins. But since there’s nothing that hair and makeup can’t do nowadays, making one’s face look longer is just a sweep of a brush (make up brush that is…)


Seasoned hair and makeup artists knows how to work their magic in making a round face look long and put emphasis on the center of the face for those with oblong face shapes. That’s the power of makeup!


I don’t think makeup should be something that should be shunned about, with proper use and techniques, makeup can actually bring out someone’s best facial features. For someone who loves makeup, I actually can say it has done me more good than bad. Especially if you apply them correctly and in the proper places on your face.


For those with long-shaped or oblong shaped faces,  the focus should be kept to the center of the face to draw people into your eyes, cheeks and nose. It’s best contour just under the cheek bones which gives one’s face more depth and width. Contour should also be given emphasis on the jawbone to create a less obvious prominence.


As for the cheeks, beauty tips from experts suggest the you use a shade that will look natural or will just give you just that “flush” you need to somehow widen your face. And oh! Don’t forget the highlighter too! Just dab some above your cheekbone to draw more attention to the center of your face.


Lastly, play with colors for your eyes! Don’t shy away from bold colors for your eyeshadows and eyeliners. Because people will notice them more than any other thing that is on your face – and that’s the goal anyway. And don’t forget, this is my favorite part, use lengthening mascara for about 3-4 coats to put more emphasis on your lovely peepers. If you have enough time, putting on falsies wouldn’t hurt either.


best makeup for long face shape by Colors of Zhar


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Credits: Written by Jen of