Colors of Zhar Series: Part 1 of 6 – Makeup Tips for your Face Shape – Round

Here at Colors of Zhar, we don’t just provide you with the most affordable and friendliest makeup services for weddings and other special events; it is also our mission to share beauty tips and tricks in enhancing your beauty through makeup and hairstyling. These tips are based from our years of experience in the hair and makeup business and from our accumulated knowledge having been a part of hundreds of makeup sessions, weddings, photoshoots, fashion shows, and other events.

We are happy to give you guys the first of the six-part Colors of Zhar exclusive series that will talk about the best makeup tips and techniques for the six common face shapes. Lets us start with the round face shape which is the facial feature of Hollywood celebrities like Emma Stone, Drew Barrymore, and Mila Kunis; and local stars like Sharon Cuneta and Lovi Poe.

Distinguishing characteristics of a round face shape includes a.) forehead as wide as the jawline, b.) rounded jawlines, c.) rounded chin, and d.) cheekbones are the widest part of the face. When doing makeup for a round face shape, the main goal would be to trim down specific parts that give the face the round-ish curvature. These parts can include the cheeks, the jaw line, the chin, and the forehead.

The following tips and techniques will describe the steps on how to make a round face shape look longer and slimmer.



For the cheeks, do not apply blush on the main cheek area (also called the cheek apples) as this will emphasize more the roundness of the upper part of the face. Instead, apply the blush two shades darker below your cheekbones or along the cheekbone line – up to the tip of the eyebrow. This will draw away the attention from the rounded curves of your cheek, and enhance your cheekbones. Then apply a lighter blush on above that, and fade it upwards to blend it with the normal shade.

colors of zhar make up for round face shape



Since the face has rounded jaw area, apply contour along the jawline and use color that is two shades darker. This will again reduce the roundness of the face, and gives a trimming effect.

colors of zhar makeup for round face shape



From the trimmed jaw, complete the makeup for the lower face area by emphasizing the chin. This can be done  by applying highlights on the chin that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. This complements the contouring that you did for the jawline – and in effect, the chin gives a pointy look to the face and thus make it look longer.

colors of zhar makeup for round face shape



Apply contour that is two shades darker to the temples and the hairline. Again, the objective is still to trim the outer edges of the upper area of the face to make it less round and longer. Then to emphasize the middle area – apply highlighting that is two shades lighter.

colors of zhar makeup for round face shape


And that’s it and that simple! What you will then get is an originally round face transformed to a longer-looking and slimmer shape.

colors of zhar best makeup for round face shape


At Colors of Zhar, it is our responsibility to enlighten you guys that makeup is not actually that complicated and never a rocket science; and more of an art. Equipped with the basic knowledge and skills about makeup can be a very helpful tool that all women can use in our daily beauty adventure.


Thanks for reading the first of the six-part Colors of Zhar Exclusive Series that will discuss the best makeup practice and tips for the six types of face shapes.   Next, we will feature the best makeup for the Long Face Shape. Stay tuned!