Colors of Zhar Series: Part 4 of 6 – Makeup Tips for your Face Shape – Heart

The heart-shaped face is by far the most beautiful of all the face shapes. Even though it lacks the

symmetry that most people believe should be a character of a beautiful face; because of it has a large

forehead, prominent cheekbones and tapered chin. A little asymmetry can be more beautiful than being

too perfect when it comes to the geometry of face shapes.


best makeup for heart face shape by Colors of Zhar


If you ask me, I’d rather have that type of face shape, because when I do hair and makeup, most of the

time I try my best to make my cheekbones prominent and my jaw and chin to be more structured. If you

haven’t noticed it yet, a lot of hair and makeup artists are trying to achieve an illusion of a heart shaped

face for their clients or models. Why shouldn’t they when the world’s most beautiful celebrities have

this face shape like Reese Whitherspoon, Scarlett Johanson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Aniston,

to name a few.



The heart-shaped face is probably the easiest face shape to put on makeup because all you have to do is

to accentuate the best features of this beautiful bone structure. There are a lot of hair and makeup tips

for the heart-shaped face, but for today’s article, let us focus on the makeup.



Most women with heart shape face have a wide forehead. Contouring the forehead by using a

foundation that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone is the best way to go. Blend them well on the

top of your forehead and temples to create an illusion of a smaller or narrow forehead.



To put more focus on the center of your face which contains your eyes and your cheeks. Putting on a

subtle smokey-eyes makeup using softer brown shades than the usual coal or black will draw more

attention to your eyes than your forehead or chin. If you’re going for this smokey eye shadow, use a

light pink or coral shade blush for your cheeks and focus more on highlighting your cheekbones.



For other face shapes, what we usually do is that we contour it; as for the heart-shaped face we do the

opposite by putting a touch of concealer to the chin and sides of the jawline. This will give the bottom

half of the face broader effect thus creating a balance to the face a little more. Just remember to not go

overboard when putting on makeup if you have a heart-shaped face, on its own it’s already a beautiful



best makeup for heart face shape by Colors of Zhar


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Colors of Zhar Series: Part 3 of 6 – Makeup Tips for your Face Shape – Square

For many women, having a square- shaped face is a problem; I know lots of people or even have friends with this face shape who will out rightly tell you that they don’t like their facial bone structure. Which is a sad fact because having a squarish face with a strong jaw line actually gives an aura of regality and poise to one’s neckline .There is also a symmetry from both sides of the forehead to the cheeks and then down to the jaw which creates a perfect canvas that will give hair and make up artists the ability to highlight your best features.


Colors of Zhar Tips
That’s what I love about make up is that so versatile in transforming anyone’s face and at the same time highlighting a person’s best facial features. Gone are the days when makeup was used only to hide imperfections. It has slowly gained a reputation as a tool to enhance and transform rather than to cover up. For this article, we will focus on beauty tips about how to use make up that will best suit a square-shaped facial bone structure and to emphasize its best feature. Let’s leave the hairstyling part for future posts.
Let’s start with the forehead. Do you know that a square-shaped face needs to highlight the forehead using a very sheen highlighter or a powder foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone? This actually allows the shape of your forehead to fade a little bit and can make a huge impact.
As for the eyes, go bold on colors or use dark shades to draw more attention to the center of your face. I love it how eyeshadows play a big role in any type of face shape and they are your major weapons to combat any of your face shape dilemmas. So never hesitate to play on colors for your peepers.
For the cheeks, use very natural colors close to your skin tone; there are a lot of sites out there that can help you choose blush shades that will flatter yours. Blend them well and keep them on only on the apples of your cheeks and just a swipe across beneath your cheekbones. Meaning keep them low and don’t do it like you would normally do: brushing from the apples to the temples.
Lastly, look for lip colors that has a plumping effect to make your lips stand out just as your eyes are. But never wear both a strong eyeshadow color with a strong lip color. Choose which one you would highlight for the day. If you picked the eyes, go for a more nude lip color, but, don’t forget the plumping effect (which you can purchase separately or look for lip gloss with plumping properties); when you do this, think about Hollywood celebrities like Salma Hayek and Paris Hilton.
Like all the other face shapes, the key is always accepting and loving what God has given you and find ways, using hair and make up, on how you can highlight on your best features. Until next time loves, don’t forget to visit regularly for more hair and makeup tips.
Color of Zhar also offers hair and makeup services for weddings, debuts, birthdays and other special occasions accommodating clients in Metro Manila and also outside of Manila.


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Colors of Zhar Series: Part 2 of 6 – Makeup Tips for your Face Shape – Long

If there’s anything I would want to change in my body, I would probably want to change my face shape from oval to long or oblong. They say a long face especially with a high forehead was considered to be a mark of true royalty – just like the face shape and features of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Rumor has it that Marilyn Monroe plucked her hairline for her to  have that aristocratic look.


I know some friends that takes good photos and looks slim even if they aren’t that good-figured just because they have longer faces with high foreheads and longer chins. But since there’s nothing that hair and makeup can’t do nowadays, making one’s face look longer is just a sweep of a brush (make up brush that is…)


Seasoned hair and makeup artists knows how to work their magic in making a round face look long and put emphasis on the center of the face for those with oblong face shapes. That’s the power of makeup!


I don’t think makeup should be something that should be shunned about, with proper use and techniques, makeup can actually bring out someone’s best facial features. For someone who loves makeup, I actually can say it has done me more good than bad. Especially if you apply them correctly and in the proper places on your face.


For those with long-shaped or oblong shaped faces,  the focus should be kept to the center of the face to draw people into your eyes, cheeks and nose. It’s best contour just under the cheek bones which gives one’s face more depth and width. Contour should also be given emphasis on the jawbone to create a less obvious prominence.


As for the cheeks, beauty tips from experts suggest the you use a shade that will look natural or will just give you just that “flush” you need to somehow widen your face. And oh! Don’t forget the highlighter too! Just dab some above your cheekbone to draw more attention to the center of your face.


Lastly, play with colors for your eyes! Don’t shy away from bold colors for your eyeshadows and eyeliners. Because people will notice them more than any other thing that is on your face – and that’s the goal anyway. And don’t forget, this is my favorite part, use lengthening mascara for about 3-4 coats to put more emphasis on your lovely peepers. If you have enough time, putting on falsies wouldn’t hurt either.


best makeup for long face shape by Colors of Zhar


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Erin App, Our Upcoming Android App Scheduled for Release April 2016‏

We keep on telling on our previous blog posts that one of Colors of Zhar’s missions is to give you guys hair and makeup tips and tricks that can be useful for your daily beauty routine; as well as keep you updated on makeup and beauty news and trend.


So we are pushing it to the next level, and proud and excited to announce that starting this month (November 2015), we will be building our first mobile app targeted to the beauty and makeup fanatics like you. The mobile app will be an Android app which will be named Erin App – Your virtual beauty assistant; or simply Erin, which also happens to be the name of my cute and lovely daughter. 🙂

Colors of Zhar Erin App Your Virtual Hair and Makeup Assistant


The Erin App will not just be a mirror of the website, but will have its own unique features. What we have in mind for the features so far are as follows:

  • a Q & A form where you can send your questions about hair and makeup, and we will provide you free beauty advice and answers
  • a form where you can submit your facial characteristics and we will suggest the best makeup for you
  • sending you notifications for the latest Colors of Zhar hair and makeup tips and tricks
  • sending you notifications on the latest beauty news and trends


We are still open to suggestions for any additional features and ideas that you want for the app. We are more than willing to listen to you and help us build an app that is tailored from your taste and interests. This app is for YOU in the first place!


For suggestions, feel free to drop us a message via or go to our Contact Page and include in the subject “Erin App”.

The app will be developed by our partner, Papalidium Solutions; who also built our elegant and beautifully-crafted website.


Stay tuned (and stay beautiful) for updates about this Colors of Zhar Android App project. You can also browse through the pages of this website if you want to know more about Colors of Zhar, our hair and makeup services, pricing, and all other beauty-related information.

Colors of Zhar Series: Part 1 of 6 – Makeup Tips for your Face Shape – Round

Here at Colors of Zhar, we don’t just provide you with the most affordable and friendliest makeup services for weddings and other special events; it is also our mission to share beauty tips and tricks in enhancing your beauty through makeup and hairstyling. These tips are based from our years of experience in the hair and makeup business and from our accumulated knowledge having been a part of hundreds of makeup sessions, weddings, photoshoots, fashion shows, and other events.

We are happy to give you guys the first of the six-part Colors of Zhar exclusive series that will talk about the best makeup tips and techniques for the six common face shapes. Lets us start with the round face shape which is the facial feature of Hollywood celebrities like Emma Stone, Drew Barrymore, and Mila Kunis; and local stars like Sharon Cuneta and Lovi Poe.

Distinguishing characteristics of a round face shape includes a.) forehead as wide as the jawline, b.) rounded jawlines, c.) rounded chin, and d.) cheekbones are the widest part of the face. When doing makeup for a round face shape, the main goal would be to trim down specific parts that give the face the round-ish curvature. These parts can include the cheeks, the jaw line, the chin, and the forehead.

The following tips and techniques will describe the steps on how to make a round face shape look longer and slimmer.



For the cheeks, do not apply blush on the main cheek area (also called the cheek apples) as this will emphasize more the roundness of the upper part of the face. Instead, apply the blush two shades darker below your cheekbones or along the cheekbone line – up to the tip of the eyebrow. This will draw away the attention from the rounded curves of your cheek, and enhance your cheekbones. Then apply a lighter blush on above that, and fade it upwards to blend it with the normal shade.

colors of zhar make up for round face shape



Since the face has rounded jaw area, apply contour along the jawline and use color that is two shades darker. This will again reduce the roundness of the face, and gives a trimming effect.

colors of zhar makeup for round face shape



From the trimmed jaw, complete the makeup for the lower face area by emphasizing the chin. This can be done  by applying highlights on the chin that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. This complements the contouring that you did for the jawline – and in effect, the chin gives a pointy look to the face and thus make it look longer.

colors of zhar makeup for round face shape



Apply contour that is two shades darker to the temples and the hairline. Again, the objective is still to trim the outer edges of the upper area of the face to make it less round and longer. Then to emphasize the middle area – apply highlighting that is two shades lighter.

colors of zhar makeup for round face shape


And that’s it and that simple! What you will then get is an originally round face transformed to a longer-looking and slimmer shape.

colors of zhar best makeup for round face shape


At Colors of Zhar, it is our responsibility to enlighten you guys that makeup is not actually that complicated and never a rocket science; and more of an art. Equipped with the basic knowledge and skills about makeup can be a very helpful tool that all women can use in our daily beauty adventure.


Thanks for reading the first of the six-part Colors of Zhar Exclusive Series that will discuss the best makeup practice and tips for the six types of face shapes.   Next, we will feature the best makeup for the Long Face Shape. Stay tuned!

Leleng and Berto’s Pangasinan Wedding, Our First Out-Of-Town Event

This year (2015) is Colors of Zhar’s by far the busiest and most exciting year ever – being able to book numerous weddings, debuts and birthdays, fashion shows, and photoshoots! We really are very thankful for the warm reception and support from all our satisfied customers who have provided us with very positive feedbacks and recommendations.

Also this year marked another milestone for the team, as this is also the year of our first ever out-of-town event! It is courtesy of the #LelengAndBerto wedding which took place in the far north, Pangasinan – a good six hours travel from Manila.

We are very proud to be chosen by Rose Ann (Leleng) and Robert (Berto) for trusting Colors of Zhar to be their official hair and make-up artist on the greatest day of their lives. They have chosen the Traditional Makeup Package for a huge entourage of 30+ people. Our team was given a challenging task of accommodating 16 people consisting of the bride and her bridesmaids, and ensure that everybody is at their best look during the wedding.


It indeed was challenging – but with Colors of Zhar team’s dedication, hardwork, professionalism, and efficiency, we were able to complete the entire job before the call time and still have 30 minutes to spare! The job included full hairstyling and makeup for each of the 16 lovely ladies for an almost 5-hour session at the hotel preparation. It is not just the quantity – and even at that huge number of people, quality is never compromised.


Here at Colors of Zhar, we always plan ahead and ensure effective time management so that the couple will not be stressed out during the wedding, something that happens often with other hair and makeup services and artists. As Colors of Zhar makeup artists, it is also our responsibility that the wedding (or any event) is as smooth-flowing and organized as possible. The only thing that the couple need to do during their wedding is to be beautiful, and that’s it!


The church call time is 3:00pm at Mangaldan Church which is 30 minutes from the hotel, Dagupan Village and Garden Hotel. The groom and entourage was able to depart from the hotel at 2:15pm, and the bride at 2:30pm as planned. Colors of Zhar was able to complete all the requirements and already applying the finishing touches as early as 2:00pm.


The bride arrived at Mangaldan Church 10 minutes early – and our team even still have spare time to apply retouches for the bride and the bridesmaids; and helped the wedding organizer setting up wedding items like the bubble maker, arranging the offertory items, and other extra activities. The wedding ceremony went well, a solemn and meaningful celebration of two souls making the promise of forever in front of God. Colors of Zhar is very honored to be part of that once in a lifetime moment in the lives of Leleng and Berto.


Church ceremony ended at exactly 4:00pm – and the usual routine after the wedding: photoshoot, recessional activities, video recording of vows – took place. The couple arrived back at the hotel reception venue at around 4:30pm, and Colors of Zhar is back in action, applying hair and makeup retouches to the bride and groom making sure that they look amazing during their grand entrance. We applied a light makeup for the groom, and redo the hairstyle for the bride to a slightly casual look for the party. Then the reception proper – a fun and wacky ceremony consisting of an “Eye of the Tiger” entrance song, seductive dance by the groom to remove the bride’s garter, an unprepared Best Man speech – and a lot of spontaneous events making the reception a formal yet enjoyable event.


The prenup and SDE (same day edit) video was showcased during the event where you can see several glimpses of Colors of Zhar team in action during the wedding preparation.


Again, a really big THANK YOU to the couple, Leleng and Berto for the trust on the Colors of Zhar brand and the opportunity to be part of the wedding. Looking forward to working with you again.


Yours truly,

Colors of Zhar

ColorsOfZhar.Com Website – LAUNCHED!

Hello World! Welcome to Colors of Zhar website where we proudly showcase our friendliest and most affordable services for all your events needs from weddings, to engagement, to debuts and birthdays, to photoshoots; or any other special occasion where you will require a trusted name in the hair and makeup business.


As most of you might have already known, we officially launched our website a week ago (October 5, 2015) and we consider it as a huge milestone for the team. Here at Colors of Zhar, one of our goals is to always update you guys with the latest beauty trend, provide you with hair and makeup tips and tricks, showcase our services, share our new promos, news, and upcoming events. With this, we decided to harness the trusted name in website development, Papalidium Solutions to build the website for us.

The website is a product of meticulous design, hardwork, and dedication – and the result is a beautiful and elegant platform, and a design with a touch of mystery.

Thank you again for dropping by – and stay tuned for upcoming posts and latest happenings. Until next time!

Yours truly,
Zharina (Head Artist, Colors of Zhar)